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The Virgo Golfer

Virgo: Aug 23 - Sept 22

Your ability to read putts is second to none and your ability to read people is on par with the most educated of behavior therapists. Use this talent when you play golf, not to intimidate your opponents but to understand them. Try to play with golfers who are better than you are and watch not only how they swing but how they conduct themselves on the course. The way that you verify information and come to conclusions about the golf swing is largely intuitive at this point so consult a pro for reinforcement of any proposed changes. The golf shoes you share as a Virgo golfer are large, they contain some of the LPGA Tour and PGA Tour best players; among them Birdie Kim, Jennifer Rosales, Tom Watson, Jeff Sluman and the King himself, Arnold Palmer!

A bit of stray cash may come your way soon out of nowhere so it might be a good idea to contemplate an exotic golf getaway. If it’s enough cash you might even consider that new set of irons! There is no better way to vacation than with a golfing spouse or group of friends and with new sticks to try!

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Virgo 2004 Year in Review

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Even the determined and mentally focused Virgo will be a bit surprised at what the stars have in mind for their game this season. The signs all point to the possibility of that once-in-a-lifetime type of shot, a hole-in-one or even a double eagle! Your Virgo patience will pay off with not just one low career round but two, maybe even back to back! As a new moon enters its third phase in late summer your short game will prove to be your biggest stroke-saver and you may record a record number of up and down pars. Pay particular attention to the putting stroke you feel you have almost perfected and go ahead and get that new putter you have been thinking about buying. You may even want to try the long wand as experimentation is part of the Virgo nature. Irritations in the workplace will tempt you to play more and travel is on the horizon.

Look who's also a Virgo!Arnold Palmer The Virgo Golf Legend.