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The Taurus Golfer

Taurus: Apr 20 - May 20

If thinking of your domestic life causes the same ugly feeling in the pit of your stomach as a double bogey on 18 feels, that mixture of anger, frustration and self-flagellation, then golf needs to become a priority. It fulfills the role of healer and as a place to sort out emotions. Swing into action!

Golf can alleviate the stresses that family, finances and work can put on a person. However, you must be careful! It’s easy to forget you are on this fabulous piece of real estate called a golf course, thinking instead you should be somewhere else. This condition, known as “guilty golfing,” comes about when the game goes south and the temper goes north. Famous golfers who share your sun sign, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour stars such as Wendy Ward, Jim Furyk and Stuart Appleby have all learned to harness their emotions, possessing the ability to turn anger into a stiffed iron shot or a smoked drive.

Talk it over with friends and family before making any major decisions but once you have reached a conclusion do not second guess yourself. Travel with clubs in hand is on the horizon, someplace where you have not previously traveled to before.

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Taurus 2004 Year in Review

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Thanks to connections in your professional life you will have more opportunities to play a variety of courses this season. Corporate golf may be part of your life and playing well can benefit you. A Taurus is down-to-earth, warm and gregarious and a welcome addition to any foursome, so don't be surprised if the boss picks you to entertain some valuable clients.

As Venus moves into a new orbit and aligns perfectly with your sign sometime around June the stars indicate the arrival of a new club (putter?) or possibly a new set of irons, either as a gift or as a personal investment. With some new sticks (at last!) and the confidence of the Tauran personality the signs all point to some memorable rounds this season. The drawback to this orbital influence could be a tendency to push the tee shot right as there is some celestial influence on your sign that indicates a period where this may occur. Work with a pro to develop a right-to-left ball flight to compensate for this so you can call it up when you need it.

This is an important year for your golf game. Be wary of "locking horns" on the course with another Taurus, especially if hard cash is involved. Work on your course management techniques, know when to charge, when to lay back and attack each hole with confidence. Taurus' lucky number is 4 and this year might be a good time to start planning that 2004 pilgrimage to the Home of Golf, St Andrews, Scotland - if you haven't done it already.

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