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The Scorpio Golfer

Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 21

The time is right to aspire to a new level in your golf career. It may take some drastic measures to get your swing to that next stage but you will not regret the effort – no matter how it turns out. When you achieve some success, as the stars indicate you will, whether from lessons from a pro, a golf school or other solution, your game will impress those who previously knew you as a fun person to have around but easy money on the course.

There is an old expression in golf astrology that says: If you make an appointment do not fail to show, if you make a tee time do not show to fail. Stars indicate the potential for improvement will have you getting to your tee time early, eager to take on all comers. You are traveling in fast company with other Scorpio golfers, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour stars like Lorena Ochoa, Bubba Watson, Rosie Jones, and Jeff Quinney.

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Scorpio is the most magnetic, powerful and intense of all Zodiac signs. Scorpions are creative, strongly emotional, loyal and proud. They know what they like and are attracted to mystery and the unknown. Golf is the perfect game for them, often tamed but never mastered!

Your tough, determined Scorpion nature makes you a bit more competitive than most and this fuels your instinct to "sting" opponents making the mistake of taking your game lightly. Mars aligns with your sign in the waning months of summer and will exert a powerful influence that will serve to elevate your level of play. This might be a good time to challenge old adversaries for a re-match that this time will have you coming out on top. A strong lunar influence with Plato indicates there may be opportunities to renew old golf friendships and don’t be surprised if you hear from an old golfing buddy excited about planning a trip to distant lands in search of great golf. Maintain your positive attitude and harmony with the outdoors and don’t allow newfound wealth interfere with your desire for improvement.

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