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The Sagittarius Golfer

Sagittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21

Your ability to adjust to the twists and turns of golf leads you down new avenues of discovery, forging lifetime friendships along the way. Are there any better friends than golf friends? The stars indicate a need to investigate options that surround a move to a new location, either to live or to play golf. A whole new perspective on the game may be just around the corner as a result of your wanting to take your game to the next level.

Feel free to solicit the opinions of other players whose game you respect, whether it’s because of how they swing a club or how they conduct themselves on the course. You may find yourself in agreement with ideas presented by friends who have your best interest in mind if you listen carefully. Enjoy the stellar company of LPGA Tour and PGA Tour golfers who share your Sagittarius lineage, famous golfers like Luke Donald, Tim Clark, Rocco Mediate, Alex Cejka, recent PGA Tour winner, Jerry Kelly and Jane Crafter.



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Saggitarius 2004 Year in Review

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A correlation exists between the 9th sign of the Zodiac and the likelihood of a nine- hole, personal best score. It could happen anytime in the month of September but most likely will occur close to home. Nine is a lucky number for Sagittarius and even though they are favored by the "Gods of golf" in so many ways, this year will prove to be an exceptional one for those born under this sign. A consistent alignment of your sign (represented by the symbol, The Archer) with Jupiter this spring will find you more proficient with the short irons and right on target with your distance. Take advantage of a period that may only last a few months by taking on the harder courses and traveling the world in search of golf. It’s really fun to play the difficult courses when you are playing well. Also during this time your job may take you to places you wouldn't normally bring your clubs but take them along anyway. The signs are favorable for some memorable shots in places you least expect.

Because a Sagittarian is known for his optimistic outlook on life you will find that you will have plenty of opportunities to play. Invitations to play will come from all over but keep your options open and choose your playing partners carefully. Do not procrastinate getting that starting time. Overall, the stars are indicating progress with game improvement, specifically with the flat stick. You will experience lower scores and some spectacular shot-making this season. If you were thinking about making a move toward buying that new putter or wedge this would be the time to do it.

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