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The Pisces Golfer

Pisces: Feb 19 - Mar 20

You might not see eye to eye with someone else about the state of your game but a closer look will reveal where work needs to be done. Take the honest approach and quietly consult a pro. This time of year you must focus on when it is time to relax. You cannot play well with so many things on your mind and it takes discipline to be able to insulate yourself from the outside world. Take a deep breath on the first tee and think of only your game and how great it is to be alive.

It’s interesting to note that those swimming alongside your Pisces personality as a result of them being Pisces themselves are some of the best players on the planet. Professional golfers, members of the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour, golfers such as; Grace Park, Kim Cho Rong, Christina Kim, Aaron Baddeley, Vijay Singh, Steve Stricker, Masters champion Zach Johnson, Nanci Bowen, and Amy Hung.

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Pisces 2004 Year in Review

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Blessed with some of the best characteristics of all twelve signs, the Pisces golfer enjoys many advantages over others not as lucky to be born under the sign of the Fish. A natural lover of the outdoors, Pisces will seek the opportunity to play as often as possible when time allows. Success in the business world and an infusion of capital will set your eye to wandering the pages of your favorite travel magazine in search of golf in distant lands. Your quest for improvement will be strengthened this season with a renewed interest and focus on your short game. It may be time to add a third wedge to your arsenal as the signs all point to a record number of "chip ins" this summer. During the seventh month of the year when Neptune moves into a longer orbit, you will discover a "secret" to your putting stroke and there will be rounds where "everything you look at" goes in.

Neptune in the spring is indicating the possibility of something really wacky happening this year, a hole-in-one at a course you have never played or a career best round at your favorite track. Pisces golfers are attuned to the "water" sign and should take advantage of any opportunities to play links-style courses on or around bodies of water, especially on a golf trip. Your ability to know when to attack a hole and when to lay up will pay off with more birdies on the long par 5's. Play for position off the tee and utilize your excellent course management skills to play smart. If you experience a distance problem halfway through the season try changing shafts and experiment with the larger heads. Seven is a lucky number for Pisces golfers this year and the signs are favorable for you to receive a gift that will be instrumental in helping you overcome a temporary period of withdrawal from the game.

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