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The Libra Golfer

Libra: Sept 23 - Oct 22

Paying attention to the opinions of others within your circle of golfing friends will cause you to change your mind about a position you took on a long standing argument, a position that you may have come to regret but one that your Libra personality just won’t let go of. Keep an open mind and be amenable to compromise, especially when the subject turns to golf. It might be simply a matter of which golf destination is best, which brand of clubs offers more quality and value, is forged or cast the way to go? Which players on the LPGA Tour and the PGA Tour do you admire and why. Would you be surprised if you knew that these terrific golfers also share your sun sign? Christie Kerr, Michelle Wie, Se Ri Pak, Laura Davies, and the popular, easy-going and smooth-swinging Fred Couples.

Sunday is your lucky day to play this year so get out on the links and be aggressive with every shot. Use that day to be long instead of short, left instead of right with your approaches and putts, take the extra club and forget for just this one day about the consequences of failure.

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Libra 2004 Year in Review

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A natural athletic ability, coupled with the Libra sense of balance often proves a lethal combination in overcoming the challenges of a game that is constantly evolving. Do not be afraid of experimentation with new technology or making radical changes to your golf swing. Libran golfers, as a rule, embrace change and can adjust their swing to meet the situation, even during the heat of competition. Continue to experiment with state-of-the-art equipment, see a pro regularly and consider the benefits of a "belly" putter.

Ruled by Venus, your sign is influenced by the stars, particularly in a way that foretells many years of prosperity and also indicates a long life-line. In your pursuit of golf you will make many new friendships and will often travel far to enjoy the courses on their turf. The "air" in your sign demonstrates your potential for distance off the tee but can only be achieved by utilizing balance, a critical component of the Libran personality. Even Libran golfers can get caught up in the distance wars but the green always looks much friendlier from the middle of the fairway. Forget about a 150 mph clubhead speed and swing within yourself for maximum results.

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