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The Leo Golfer

Leo: July 23 - Aug 22

The lion roars but despite this tendency to over-verbalize, your popularity increases because you let your clubs do your talking. Take on the tough courses and accept it if your score is worse than you feel you played. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your swing no matter how long you have been playing – video taped swings tell no lies!

The stars indicate that your bag needs a new club, possibly a third wedge or a rescue club, perhaps one of the new hybrids, as they have been proven to be stroke savers. Your game is one club away from a personal best score. Reward yourself for those overtime hours with a golf vacation with new clubs - you deserve it! Then imagine yourself as a member of this foursome: Paula Creamer, Brittany Lang and Chris Dimarco. Sound far fetched? Maybe, but they are all Leo golfers just like you.

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Leo 2004 Year in Review

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Like the lion, the proud beast that symbolizes your place along the Zodiac, you are a lover of the outdoors, the fresh air, natural surroundings and the undulating plain of your favorite course is where you are happiest. As the 5th sign of the Zodiac, Leos will find that their game is affected by intense solar activity and most times won't even be aware of it. What is now being billed as playing "in the zone", that is, a player striking the ball almost exactly as he wants to for 18 holes, is actually a moment in time when the components of their sign are perfectly aligned. For Leo this happens when the larger, more visible solar flares occur and the fire sign is most influential. How you can learn to recognize these rare moments and take advantage of them is one of the great mysteries. Usually, two weeks before and two weeks after a solar eclipse (partial counts too) is where you should begin to sense some of the elements that can influence your game. During this time it is common for the stars to align in favor of improvement with the long irons. Don't wait for this to happen before you agree to review, revise and renovate your techniques, paying particular attention to swing path and alignment.

As a Leo your desire for independent action and individual freedom is sometimes in conflict with your desire to socialize and "be one of the boys". Be aware of these contradictory impulses and use each to your greatest advantage by just being yourself. Your solid Leo personality is your guide to success in golf and in life.

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