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The Pisces Golfer

Compare your PISCES personality with the PISCES Golf Legend, Bobby Jones

Pisces golfers are blessed with creativity, adaptability and creativeness, talents that Bobby Jones was in no short supply of. They are also extremely intuitive and emotional, the latter being something that he fought to control all of his life.

Just like Bobby Jones and most other Pisces golfers, you have a predisposition toward emotions that may affect play, specifically in the heat of competition. You must work hard to prevent the anger and disgust you experience when hitting a bad shot from affecting the rest of your game. You hear about players on tour talking about how they learned to “have fun” while chasing the lead on Sunday. How can they do that, you ask? By reaching down deep and knowing in their heart that they were good enough to overcome their emotions and do what was necessary to win.

Your Pieces personality will connect you to the spiritual life, yet not traditional forms of worship. What does this have to do with golf? It means that you follow your own (cart) path in life and in golf – allow your compassion for others less talented to determine the makeup of your next foursome. Practice with a focus on one particular aspect of your game at a time and travel far to seek the game you love on a planetary level.