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The Leo Golfer

Compare your LEO personality with the LEO Golf Legend, Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan was a tireless worker who felt he had to practice endlessly to achieve greatness. He, like most Leo’s, enjoyed center stage and was occasionally arrogant but was also, to his friends, warm, generous and open minded.

Just like Ben Hogan you enjoy spending a significant amount of your time working on various aspects of your game. It galls you to hit bad shots that you know you have mastered but the embarrassment you feel when doing this in front of others is amplified by your Leo pride. Since Leo’s are very strong leaders, they feel that they have to be right in everything they do because they are looked upon to set the example. When a Leo starts a project, you can bet they will follow through to its conclusion. All of these character traits define the Leo personality and serve them well, especially in the game of golf.

While you may not be as driven as Ben Hogan was, you can satisfy the urge to lower your handicap with less practice time than others because of your natural ability. In addition, you do not suffer the malady of not being able to produce the same shots on the course as on the range. Your artistic and creative nature allows you to view a golf course as a sort of canvas where your path along its course follows a pre- determined route. The stars look kindly upon you.