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Learn about the best players of the game with PAR's Golf Legend astrological insights!

Roberto De VincenzoThe ARIES Golf Legends:

Roberto De Vincenzo

JoAnne Carner

Compare your Aries personality to Roberto De Vincenzo.


Tommy ArmourThe LIBRA Golf Legend:

Tommy Armour

Annika Sorenstam

Compare your Libra personality to Tommy Armour.


Harry VardonThe TAURUS Golf Legend:

Harry Vardon

Compare your Taurus personality to Harry Vardon.


Gary PlayerThe SCORPIO Golf Legend:

Gary Player

Compare your Scorpio personality to Gary Player.


Sam SneadThe GEMINI Golf Legend:

Sam Snead

Compare your Gemini personality to Sam Snead.


Walter HagenThe SAGITTARIUS Golf Legend:

Walter Hagen

Compare your Sagittarius personality to Walter Hagen.


Gene LittlerThe CANCER Golf Legend:

Gene Littler

Compare your Cancer personality to Gene Littler.


Cary MiddlecoffThe CAPRICORN Golf Legend:

Cary Middlecoff

Nancy Lopez

Compare your Capricorn personality to Cary Middlecoff.


Ben HoganThe LEO Golf Legend:

Ben Hogan

Compare your Leo personality to Ben Hogan.


Jack NicklausThe AQUARIUS Golf Legend:

Jack Nicklaus

Compare your Aquarius personality to Jack Nicklaus.


Arnold PalmerThe VIRGO Golf Legend:

Arnold Palmer

Compare your Virgo personality to Arnold Palmer.


Bobby JonesThe PISCES Golf Legend:

Bobby Jones

Amy Alcott

Compare your Pisces personality to Bobby Jones.