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The Gemini Golfer

Compare your GEMINI personality with the GEMINI Golf Legend, Sam Snead

Gemini golfers have a strong appreciation for the earth and its natural resources. Sam Snead was an avid outdoorsman and was particularly fond of fishing. Like other Gemini personalities, he was an easy talker, adept at stretching the truth to make a good story.

Like Sam Snead, you find yourself bored easily and uncomfortable in an enclosed environment. You have a retentive memory for facts and languages, a direct comparison to Snead’s gift of learning to play the banjo and trumpet by ear. You also prefer to do more than one thing at a time but need to learn to finish what you start. This is particularly true of your golf game. Each component of your swing deserves equal attention and do not make the mistake of giving up on swing advice you trust and know to be right. Patience will reward you with lower scores and a renewed interest in the game.

As a Gemini, you enjoy learning for its own sake. Studying the golf swing is a labor of love for you. Nothing is sweeter than being able to convert what you learn on the lesson tee to shots that matter on the course. While you may not be able to kick the top of a seven-foot doorway in your 70’s the stars all indicate longevity for you associated with golf.