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The Capricorn Golfer

Compare your CAPRICORN personality with the CAPRICORN Golf Legend, Cary Middlecoff

Strong leadership ability and a desire to accomplish everything with great efficiency are some of the more positive aspects of the Capricorn personality. Like Middlecoff, a majority of Capricorns are tall, giving them an advantage over shorter players who find it difficult to maintain an upright swing. Capricorns mature early in life, as evidenced by Middlecoffs victories at such an early age and his emotional maturity when battling head to head with the likes of Hogan and Sarazen-- as an amateur! A few things for you to keep in mind: you must guard against setting your goals too high because you are rarely satisfied with the results; and avoid a tendency toward conservative attitudes. Fortunately you are loyal and committed to love; apply those gifts to your game in ways that will help you improve. Experiment more with the latest equipment but once you find the correct tools, commit yourself to them.