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The Cancer Golfer

Compare your CANCER personality with the CANCER Golf Legend, Gene Littler

Cancer golfers have a tendency to alternate between introversion and extroversion. Witness the soft-spokeness and dry wit that were part of the make-up of Gene Littler. Also hidden just beneath the surface was the competitive spirit of a champion.

Like Gene Littler, you have a calm nature that masks the intense competitor inside you but you must learn to stabilize your emotions in order to perform your best. You are a great listener, able to discern the emotions and feelings of others, especially during a round of golf. True character will manifest itself in the few hours it takes to play 18 holes. Choose your partners carefully.

CANCER golfers are loyal to the game and its rules in the purest form. They are protective of the integrity of golf and actually enjoy calling penalties on themselves. You can be sure if you tee it up with another Cancer that you will be playing the ball down with no gimmes, just the way you like it.