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The Aquarius Golfer

Compare your AQUARIUS personality with the AQUARIUS Golf Legend, Jack Nicklaus

Aquarians are most comfortable in the world of the mental – and in golf this translates to focus and mental toughness. Has there ever been a more focused individual than Jack Nicklaus? Consider yourself very fortunate to possess even a fraction of what he exhibited while in competition – tuning out the world to make the shot. Forget about the physical aspect of the game for a moment and think of how many times you just plain talked yourself into hitting a bad shot. It's true what they say about the game being 90% mental, 10% physical. Aquarius golfers have the ability to do what Nicklaus did, picture the good shot, then make it.

Aquarians want to make a difference in the world, set themselves apart and often think light years ahead of their time. Your abilities in golf will open doors for you that up to now have remained closed. Take advantage of your sense of identifying future trends and think long term. Golf for you is a great stress reliever now that you have turned your attention to "smelling the roses" instead of grinding away at shooting a low score. Believe in your talent to bring your game to the level you desire. If your birthday also falls on January 21, the birth of the "Golden Bear", you have a unique affinity for the game that will elevate you to "special" status on many occasions.