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Even if you have just returned from playing your worst round, Par is sure he can give you a chuckle with this collection of golf humor.

  • Par's Fore!Cast for the state of Golf in 2055
    As the golfer in 2055 takes a look back through the years at where we are today with advances in golf equipment, instruction, and course design, they will shake their heads and wonder, "how could they hit THAT!?" We laugh now at the poor fellows that had to contend with hickory shafts and gutta percha balls. What will the golfer in 2055 be laughing at? In our newest golf humor feature, Par speculates on where our great game might be headed.

  • Par’s Cure For Slow Play & the 10 Commandments of Proper Golf Etiquette
    Golf is falling victim to "slow play" and poor etiquette, but Par has decided to do something about it!

  • The 18 Commandments of Golf
    Had Moses been a golfer, he might have come down from the mountain with these words of golfing wisdom—The 18 Commandments of Golf—a Commandment for every hole and a humorous addendum to the original 10.

  • The Golfer's Prayer
    Walking down the 18th fairway needing a birdie to win may be just one of many reasons for a golfer to silently utter what has become known as the Lord’s Prayer for golfers, The Golfer's Prayer—a humorous but reverent adaptation of our beloved 23rd Psalm.

  • Dear PAR
    Have a question or comment about something that’s bugging you about golf? Are you frustrated at not having a friendly ear to listen to those woes of the fairways? C’mon, everyone has their stories to tell and we’ll even listen to any good ones you can come up with. For a game that is supposed to be so relaxing (yeah, right) there seems to be a fair amount of stress going around on the links. Well, fear not, fellow golfers - Dear PAR is here! Someone at last who will not only listen to your questions but who will also attempt to provide answers to them about such subjects as: The agony of Slow Play, Dance of the Foot Mashies (suspected cheating), Golf Etiquette infractions, Whiners and Complainers, heck, just about anything that has anything to do with golf!

Tell Par your favorite golf joke! Have a funny story about your golf adventures? Send it along too! We love to hear from our golfing friends.