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Golf Humor: Par's Fore!Cast for the state of Golf in 2055

If you are anything like me, you may sometimes find yourself thinking about what our world will be like, ten, twenty, even a hundred years from now. Thoughts like these don't usually just pop into my head out of the blue but are triggered by reading magazine articles or hearing about dramatic advances in science and technology. After I marvel at the article'../capricorn-golfer.htm">Tiger Woods is a Capricorn" my eyes are glazing over (any of you vets out there will recognize the "thousand yard stare"), I have assumed the dreamer's classic position (rocked back in my best chair, feet on the desk, hands behind my head) and am trespassing on territory best left to people like H. G. Wells.

Deep Thinking from a Recliner

I generally restrict myself to whimsical wool gathering about golf rather than more serious topics primarily because: a) it is pointless for me to speculate on such serious issues as advances in science and technology due to the fact that I am seriously deficient in deep thinking genes; and b) thinking about serious stuff only gives me a headache.

Having been a golfer for over thirty years, and with my special talent with "golf sight", I am as qualified as anyone else to speculate on where our great game might be headed. If there is anyone left who, after reading my prognostications, still has the slightest inkling that golf has reached its zenith as far as technology is concerned, I have news for them…

You think technology is at its peak now in terms of how far the ball can go and how big the heads of our drivers can get? Imagine how our great game will be in 50 years and let your imagination run wild. What will PGA Tour Events be like then? What about changes in golf instruction and equipment? Will they keep making the ball go farther and if so just what will the yardage be for that course in 2055? Will they dial the ball back and limit the super ball effects of the latest entry into the ball market?

When you think of golf as it was just a mere 50 years ago you can visualize Arnold Palmer as a young man, just getting into the game, swinging a persimmon driver with a plain steel shaft and hitting a golf ball that was not meant to fly over 300 yards. He didn't have an agent, nor did his plain white golf shirt sport multiple logos like a Nascar driver. Golf Pros were a breed that instead of being idolized by millions and given celebrity status, they were not even allowed into the club houses of the courses where they played. In some circles they were considered worse than 2nd class citizens and told to use the back door! My, what a change in just 50 years!

As the golfer in 2055 takes a look back through the years at where we are today with advances in golf equipment, instruction, and course design, they will shake their heads and marvel at what pioneers we were but also in their heart of hearts be thinking "how could they hit THAT!?" We laugh now at the poor fellows that had to contend with hickory shafts and gutta percha balls. What will the golfer in 2055 be laughing at?

After some serious analysis of the star charts and their position within Golfulus (the Golf Constellation, in case you don't know) I am predicting some really far out advances in the game. I wanted to go fifty years into the future for the most impact, while still being somewhat realistic but some of what I list here could actually happen sooner. Maybe some equipment companies will be shocked to read this because they secretly already have some of these projects in the hopper. (I have instructed my heirs to open a secret file if I should suddenly disappear).


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