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Virgo Year in Review

The Virgo year has a chance to get off to a great start when an invitation to travel to your favorite golf destination presents itself. Weather you take advantage of this or simply stay home good things will happen to you this season and never fear, several more opportunities to travel will come later in the year. Those stocking-stuffer golf balls you got at Christmas will get a great workout and only a few will get sacrificed to the Golf God’s in the form of lost balls. After the Sun enters Aquarius you become self-motivated to improve your game, inspired by an instructional article in your favorite golf magazine. Late in February for the first time ever you contemplate the assistance of a Pro, admitting to yourself that only a professional can help you overcome the bad habits that prevent you from being the player you envision.

Although some really fantastic opportunities in your professional life surround you in March you remain steadfast in your approach to bettering your golf game. This becomes a delicate balance that you must maintain in order to achieve both goals but a Virgo is never one to shunt a challenge. You may spend the rest of spring trying to keep your head above water but luckily you are a strong swimmer!

By the beginning of the Summer Solstice your physical and mental fitness are at their peak and by late summer you will have enjoyed some of your best rounds ever. You will be tempted by your new-found successes to invest in the latest in golf equipment, particularly a state-of-the-art driver. Technology is most helpful when confidence is at its highest level and the increased distance will amaze you. As the Sun reaches your sign, a phase intensified by planetary events on August 27th, you receive a revelation about the golf swing. You are tempted to tell all you know about the “secret” but exercise some self-control and save it for later. It will prove to be extremely handy in as few as two months.

By late September events set in motion a long time ago are pushing you to new levels of confidence. Come out swinging with your fastest club-head speed as the Sun comes to Scorpio in October. Ignore the effects of new-found wealth and maintain your focus. The “secret” you discovered in August will help you defeat an old adversary and the rest of the year will be spent in silent gratification of your accomplishments.