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Taurus Year in Review

This is your year to surge ahead! The path is clear while obstacles that have plagued your game in the past will disappear. That ugly slice that has had you aimed well left of target will turn into a gentle draw by mid-summer after you bear down and follow the advice of someone you trust. The only down side of this new found confidence is that set-backs will seem more severe, don’t let this get to you. Emotional turmoil in your personal life may make you feel more vulnerable to high scores but it is only a temporary situation that will give way to solid rounds leaving you satisfied with your progress. Sometime in February a change in equipment will give you a boost. The number eight plays a significant role in your sign and could have you holing out for eagle on a par 4 with an eight-iron in your hands.

Sometime around April 20th the holes that have given you so much trouble will fall to birdies more than bogies. The beauty of the courses you play will seem to amplify your appreciation for the game and you will take great pleasure in just teeing it up. Scores will take a back seat to the pure enjoyment of getting out to your favorite course. Enjoy this time of contentment because by June you will be back to the focus of improvement.

July will find Earth and Water influences friendly and strong and you will travel with clubs in hand. The Universe is looking after you and the signs all point to solid shots that will have your playing partners looking to you for advice. You may be at the mercy of people that don’t know you but your strengths speak for themselves. Be patient with those who do not hold the same standards as you hold yourself – remember how you can tell so much about a person during a round and be confident in your own character.

After September 21st the cosmic spotlight returns to highlight your desire to catch up with technology and it will find you seeking the latest in new equipment. This could mean a change in drivers or an additional wedge. If you feel like you are hitting the ball well with your current clubs you may be able to ignore this – but beware, the urge will be potent. It may result in nothing more than going back to an old putter that still has some magic left for you or you may find yourself laying out some serious bucks for that 600cc driver.

By December the stars will respond with the gift of contentment leaving you happy with the state of your game and unmotivated to worry too much about the future. Enjoy the holidays with the love and respect of your family where golf takes a rumble seat in the fullness of your life.