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Scorpio Year in Review

For one who lives and breathes golf you begin the New Year with remarkable restraint. For a few weeks, your only desire is to concentrate on your professional and family life but all this changes in February when you are suddenly full of ideas on how to improve your golf game. Friends laugh at you because you have exhibited this enthusiasm before with a distinct lack of results. When the Sun enters Pisces, however, your approach takes a new turn and throughout March, possible is the same thing as likely.

March 23rd is an interesting day for Scorpion. Around the Vernal Equinox, you will feel an elliptical shift that may be impossible for the conscious mind to comprehend. Driven to finally understand and master a particular aspect of your game you become almost possessed by a will to improve. New equipment is considered, golf magazine instruction articles are closely studied and a professional opinion is sought. You want to remember this feeling when inexplicable things start to happen over the next few months. By the beginning of May your focus begins to pay off with better scores and fewer big mistakes. Your ability to shake off the occasional bad shot results in more good shots than you thought possible. Your temper is under control and your putting nerves are as good as they can be.

By the end of July, your volatile nature is calmed by a golf trip that the stars indicate takes you over a large body of water. There, you experience one of the best golf outings of your life both in terms of ball striking and in comraderie shared with good friends. Being kind and reasonable is sometimes a challenge for Scorpios, especially when playing golf with people who lack your ability, however, during this time the payoff is worth the effort. This sudden perspective shift changes your attitude at a time when it is most needed. Serious worries about your game will not manifest themselves until sometime in 2006.

Your gains intensify around September 5th and it seems as though everything you look at goes in the hole! Opponents decline to challenge you when the Sun reaches your sign toward the end of October, you have "stung" them too often this season. Your driven, acquisitive nature goes unchecked until mid November when even you have to follow the laws of the Universe – and things start to go flat. By this time you are ready to hang up the clubs for a while and you return to the calm, dutiful state in which you began the year. And surprisingly, you like it this way.