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Saggitarius Year in Review

Thanks to a Mercury Retrograde on January 3rd your first view of the New Year reflects a negative aspect to your golf swing, but the sooner you face the need for further review, the sooner your handicap will reflect genuine improvement. It’s time to spend some serious time on your game and for the first time ever the efforts you put forth will pay off handsomely this year in the form of lower scores and dramatic shots. Active resistance to elliminate your bad habits should give way forward- thinking, even dramatic changes in your swing. Sometime around mid-February the urge to travel will overcome your normally sedentary winter routine and as your ruling planet hovers in an orbit above the western half of the US indications are that your best bet is Arizona or inland Southern California.

In April, you will be invited to play in a new foursome. Don’t burn any bridges because these golfers may not measure up to your standards both in terms of play and etiquette prompting an early return to your regular four-ball. As the Sun enters Taurus a career round pulls you into a dangerous state of unreality sometime after May 15th. The next few weeks prove to be a struggle as you try to match your perceptions of reality against the desire to shoot low numbers each time you play. If you forget what a formidable enemy you can be to yourself this period will serve to remind you.

You start to see faults in your swing from a different angle after June 23rd, but this doesn’t bring you any closer to solving them. Consult with a professional if you are serious about sustained improvement. Fire signs benefit from the energies you put forth in late July through mid-August, when the stars encourage and enable you to put into play all that you have learned. At this time it is possible and more than likely that some dramatic shots will manifest themselves at the most unlikely of times. A hole –in-one that follows a particularly ugly start to an 18 hole round comes at a time when your spirits are at their lowest.

Autumn is by far your best time of year. New relationships are on the horizon for you. Someone you meet through golf will be instrumental in your professional life but don’t let the prospects of new-found wealth distract you from developing this friendship further. Confidence leads to a desire to reward yourself with a new driver or putter, one that you have had your eye on for some time but just couldn’t make yourself pull the trigger. Starting on November 10th you feel a power surge that could take you by surprise if you’re not ready for it. When the Sun arrives in Sagittarius your club-head speed increases dramatically and a full month of adventure lies ahead. If inclement weather in your home state prevents you from getting out consider traveling to your nearest golf destination to take advantage of this period. Around December 14th, someone reminds you to take it easy. Don’t fight it, a little down-time now would be preferable to burn out later.