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Pisces Year in Review

You know it will be a good year when Mercury Retrogrades on January 3rd and your thoughts turn to improving your golf swing. Efforts have been made in the past to focus on certain aspects of your game but this year will see a complete overhaul of everything from the short game to the full swing. The stars indicate that February is a time of absorbing new ideas and when the Sun enters Pisces you make a connection with an idea who’s time has come. It’s your birthday period and, until the last half of March, everything connected with golf goes off without a hitch. Now is the time to plan a journey with sticks in hand that could take place as early as mid- April.

After March 25th, your energy flags and there is much to contemplate about your accomplishments so far. Professional matters interfere with leisure and you would rather not multitask at this time so golf takes a back seat. April finds you back in the game with a restored boost in self-confidence. A career round is just around the corner. If there is any danger of distraction by material things and money matters, it comes to a head on May 14th. Your friends notice that your attitude toward the game has become more mellow. Displays of anger on the course give way to an acceptance of things the way they are and a willingness to "stop and smell the flowers". You are reminded that you are not the only person in the world and a new emotion enters your life – humility.

Summer finds you much wiser about the mechanics of your new swing and your physical conditioning is at it’s peak. Take advantage of this by playing as much as you can. Your stars become perfectly aligned in July and indicate the possibility of some wonderful things taking place, your first hole-in-one could come this month or something equally exciting. By August you are looking for a break, your hard work has paid off and your handicap has gone down. A week off from the game brings you back to your favorite course with a relaxed manner and eager anticipation of a solid round. Once the Sun reaches Virgo you have a chance to stand up to old adversaries and you emerge victorious. It may be a few weeks before things feel this good again so savor the moment.

After September 4th, personal goals merge with your professional ones and politics plays a key role. Only you can know when and where to fight your battles. When the Sun enters Scorpio toward the end of October these conflicts will be behind you and will seem minor in nature compared to your overall contentment with life. Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and you more than most have many things to be thankful for. Time off from your game is in order until December where, weather permitting you recapture the magic that carried you through the summer. Anticipation of a new golf club arriving at Christmas puts a smile on your face.