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Libra Year in Review

The New Year changes your focus from "them" to "me" and from the beginning of January to the end of February it’s all about honing and re-defining your golf game. You will continue to search for the things that will help you improve despite a game that is in pretty good shape. Hold off on golf-related travel until the first of March when elements of your swing fall into place, swing keys that have eluded you become clear and the trip ends up being more productive. Golf instruction plays a significant role in your development so continue to seek the advice of players you respect. Libra’s are social and learning in the company of others is an aspect that you have overlooked. A golf school may be a wise investment and a barometer of how much you really do know about the game.

Sometime around March 24th, you have trouble telling the past from the future. A person you have not seen in years makes an appearance that influences your relationships with others but more importantly has an impact on your approach to the game. As Libra golfers are known to be quite adaptable this will prove to be a temporary situation and you may come away from it with a clearer picture. In fact, the stars all indicate the possibility of a major upset over an old adversary.

As summer approaches you can expect some pleasant surprises in the form of much improved bunker play. That tip you picked up from Golf Digest was inspirational and pays off with a record number of up and downs and sandies that bring in the cash. It’s no surprise to you that things seem to be going your way both professionally and in golf as you have continued to work hard. It will be late in the summer before you have the opportunity to get away for a long-awaited golf excursion but your patience will be rewarded when three of your best friends fall victim to your stellar play—three out of four rounds.

After September 21st, you may come to the conclusion that your game deserves a reward—a gift to yourself. It could be anything from a new wedge to a long putter. An adjustment period is normal but once you get comfortable there will be no looking back. Gimmick clubs or knock-offs are not your style and you can take comfort knowing that these name equipment companies invest heavily in R & D for a reason. Unlike some other players you know, yours is to live by the creed, "you get what you pay for".

Mid-November is a time that will be somewhat unsettling in your professional life as you work through a crisis that leaves you weary but triumphant. Nothing goes as expected between the Winter Solstice and the New Year but the signs all point to a good year overall.