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Leo Year in Review

The Leo year begins with a self-imposed demand for attention to your game. Winter is tough on the golf muscles and swinging a weighted club in the den does little to calm the urge for sunny skies above your favorite course. By the end of January the quest for travel in search of green fairways is at the top of your to do list and a strong desire to improve upon last year’s performance will get your juices flowing. Your focus is centered when the Sun comes to Pisces and a renewed attention to improvement comes into play. Big things are on the horizon for the Leo golfer and this season will shape up to be one of your best.

The Aries Sun in March promises tangible benefits with increased practice and a commitment to play more. Your professional life will present opportunities to travel and play many different courses and although you find yourself working as hard as ever you will have time to sharpen your course skills. Take advantage of every opportunity to play even if it’s just a quick nine holes. Spring promises a reward to Leo golfers who heed the call. Beware the distractions of new-found wealth and maintain your even tempered approach to the game.

Water and the distractions of feminine energy will also play their roles in an attempt to distract you during the months of June and July. A new relationship is great but is hard on the game, especially if that person plays. When the Sun enters Leo your life will take a turn that will either make that relationship more solid or terminate it altogether. You are loved for what you are and are sought out for games even though friends became more interested in your potential than your accomplishments. Take a good hard look at your equipment and ask yourself if these are the tools that will take you to greater heights. Be honest with yourself without thought to expense. If money were no object what would you do?

The Autumnal Equinox will re-energize you even though by this time you will have had many successes. The guy that used to beat you regularly can’t hit it out of his shadow when faced with your new length and control. The slice is gone, the weak jabs from three feet are history and your nerves are steady. You maintain a positive attitude and your course management skills are honed to a razor’s edge. After November 8th you can look back and say to yourself that this is the best that you can play. When the Sun arrives in Sagittarius by December you are already licking your chops for any new challenge the game can throw at you.