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Gemini Year in Review

The year begins with a new outlook on your game. Even after a season of some significant improvement you are ready to take on new challenges. This could involve anything from a total revamping of your swing to a renewed focus on one aspect of your game that has you seeking a professional opinion. Don’t be afraid to experiment with changes in your putting stroke or switching to that new driver you have been coveting. You are ready for a new program while everyone else seems to be content with the old. You are more adaptable than most and after January 24th you are likely to see something in your swing that has eluded you in the past. Trust your instincts and go with a completely radical idea that you have resisted but who’s time has come. Social situations may prompt you to adapt an attitude of resistance to the mainstream due to your nature of going your own way.

Spring hits you hard in March and the urge to travel will lead you to contemplate a journey where you will dust off the cobwebs on your clubs and seek the sunshine of a links course. Water plays a significant role in your sign and the ocean beckons. A tendency toward out with the old and in with the new will have you contemplating a new set of irons but be wary of settling for something less than what you want. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Late in June, decisions about your game are based on assumptions that flow from your present level of ability. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things aren’t the way you expected them to be by now; lowering your handicap is one thing, beating yourself up about not getting to scratch status is counter-productive and could lead to a set-back in what you have already accomplished. The signs are right that you will experience a dramatic event soon, a hole-in-one or a career round may be just around the corner.

After September 5th, you are back in form and ready to have some serious fun with your regular foursome. While you may have suffered some defeats during the summer you will get a taste of vindication sometime in the fall. Stay patient and swing within yourself, the shots will come. In November a new restlessness will emerge and the travel bug will bite again, this time finding you going in a direction that is a first for you. It is entirely possible that one of your best rounds will come in the least likely of places. If you spend the holiday season traveling make sure your clubs accompany you, rental clubs will not give you the satisfaction of playing your best, especially at a high dollar golf course.