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Capricorn Year in Review

Hey Capricorn, pay attention! This year promises to be the best ever for total game improvement as measured by lower scores. As the Sun rides through Capricorn in the latter half of January, you are inspired to do whatever it takes to make dramatic improvement. While overall your game is in decent shape there are certain aspects of it that may cause some ripples in the pond- that slice for example. While going with the flow falls neatly into your game plan now is the time to face your demons and make some real changes. The fairways always look greener from the middle which may inspire you to take off just a hair of distance in favor of accuracy. If it becomes necessary to upgrade your equipment do it now so that you are comfortable with it by the time your prime golfing season arrives.

By March you are contemplating a journey to your favorite golf destination. It may not involve a great distance to travel but in terms of relaxation and comraderie it will rank up there with the best you have ever done. Problems could crop up around April 24th and it is not clear whether this will affect your personal life or your game. Be wary, keep your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed and you should be ok. Do not be overly concerned if you experience feelings of frustration and chaos. If it turns out to be a problem with your putting some good vibes will turn this around by May 25th. The stars indicate a window of opportunity lasting until June 5th when everything you look at will go in.

Starting June 23rd, you have a month to really play your best. Those changes you made early on are starting to pay off. You have your best back-to-back rounds ever and the signs are looking good for a very dramatic shot to occur- possibly a hole-in-one. Pay particular attention to the mid-length par 3’s and attack the pins. Once events pick up speed on July 25th you may lose some momentum. It’s easy to blame circumstances, although you know you shouldn’t. New-found wealth, for example, can be somewhat disconcerting and a distraction even though welcome by most. Should this occur, stay focused on real life.

The people in your life—family, friends, etc.—are more enjoyable after the Sun reaches Virgo in late August. Your social life reaches a peak at some point in this time frame and your usual cynicism gives way toward assuming the best that can happen. For some reason you are more aware of everything around you, a strategy that comforts and steers you around obstacles in your path. By late September you may experience another urge to travel with clubs in hand only this time it appears as if it may be solo. It may be a business trip that allows you some time to tee it up on a resort course.

From late October to mid-December, you feel overloaded and ready to take the world personally even though November brings you a realization of how good you are. Winter is your time of strength and when the Sun returns to your Sign toward the end of December it becomes evident, as you look back, just how much you have accomplished with your game. Christmas brings a new golf toy and you will know what to do with it.