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Cancer Year in Review

Foremost among New Year’s resolutions is a serious commitment to improve your golf swing. For the first three weeks in January this is about all you can think about and since new equipment arrived on the scene at Christmas you are anxious to try out the latest addition to your golf arsenal. This year will see marked improvement in your overall game but the stars all point to significant improvement around the greens. Friends may scoff at your agenda but your instincts will pay off with practice and patience.

The majority of February is spent addressing matters of professional importance but after the 20th most of the pressure goes away and your thoughts turn once again to golf and your quest to better last year’s efforts. Carry the memory of your business triumphs into March and apply those same principles to your game. Be realistic in your expectations and maintain your positive attitude, the rest will take care of itself. As March approaches the urge to travel will be strong. Spring is an exciting time for a golfer and depending on your geographical location you may not have the patience to wait until the sun blesses your local fairways. Go in search of great golf where you can find it.

After April 1st a series of opportunities will present themselves to you in the form of invitations to play courses that you normally wouldn’t get to tee it up. A business acquaintance offers his private club or you get to play a resort course on a business trip. During this time the signs all indicate the possibility of a dramatic event, a hole-in-one or a similarly exciting shot. Be especially aggressive on the par 3 holes and aim for the pin. Since three is your lucky number be conscious of those holes that are divisible by 3 as your chances of success are more likely with them.

The Moon, your ruling luminary, balances your energy in the second half of May. Between the 15th and 30th you will display your best golf and your friends will want the name of the Pro who helped you. Competition will be fierce during this period but a Cancer is always inspired by those who play well. Enjoy this time but do not be distracted by the impact of significant financial gain. It may come in the form of a business deal or a simple golf bet but matters of the ego are to be avoided until September.

The remainder of the year is fuzzy but this much is clear: sometime after October 23rd you reach a new level of maturity in golf. Course management is sharper, you are hitting the ball farther and straighter and you have recorded more chip-ins and sand saves this season than ever before. Travel in late fall is indicated with a particular emphasis on the western states.