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Aries Year in Review

The start of a New Year is an exciting time for the Aries golfer – especially one who has received some fine new piece of golf equipment for Christmas and is eager to try it out at their favorite track. Sometime around the end of the month opportunities to play will present themselves either in the form of leisure travel to distant courses or business that requires jumping on an airplane to a warm destination. There may be a period of a few weeks where you are feeling some of the effects of cabin fever, depending on the severity of your winter climate at home but a round or two in the sun will quickly dispel this. Your powers of concentration will peak around March 1st and you will find yourself able to fully comprehend a fault in your swing – leading to inspiration on how to fix the problem.

The Sun enters your sign in early April and you are ready to make a new commitment to your game. Most of the month is spent in a new-found appreciation of some small detail that you picked up in an instructional article that changed your approach to the game. It could be putting, the short game or something to do with the full swing. No matter—your ability to visualize the problem clearly will lead to genuine improvement. May will be a month where you can enjoy lower scores but don’t get too cocky as this will taper off somewhat. Do not be discouraged by this as it is a normal occurrence in a game that is never totally mastered. Friends will try to help as instinct takes over and you revert to the comfortable bad habits you worked so hard to overcome. Listen politely but go your own way.

By the end of June mis-guided instinct will give way to muscle memory and things will take a turn for the better. Consultation with a Pro will help you to re-inforce what you learned by a mutual agreement that the path you have chosen is correct. That new driver or putter by now has become an extension of your natural ability and is comfortable. The goals you set for yourself to improve your handicap will pay off in late August when you post the lowest round of the season, leading to significant financial gain.

By September, due to a significant event in your personal life, golf will take a back seat to other things deemed more important. Your friends will also become involved in other projects and for a time you may be averse to playing too much. As the Sun enters Scorpio around the first of October you will enjoy the prospects of getting back to the game you so enjoy. By November, your impetuous nature may inspire you to travel again, this time purely for fun. You have one more month to play before winter provides you with the urge to hibernate.