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Aquarius Year in Review

A strong internalized New Year’s resolution to work harder on your game this year puts you on track for serious improvement. When the Sun reaches Aquarius in mid-January your thoughts turn to a particular aspect of the game that has given you trouble and you turn to a professional for an opinion. What he or she finds is not as bad as you think. Your swing is basically solid and with just a few changes your handicap will drop significantly. Although you are impatient by nature your efforts to improve will pay off later in the season. You may not realize it but you are an inspiration to others who try to imitate your actions. This is especially true on the golf course where your clubs do most of the talking.

The Aries Sun puts you in the right frame of mind as Spring approaches and compels you to focus on your short game. With just a few adjustments you can find reasons to be excited about your game again and the stars indicate some dramatic shotmaking around the greens. Perhaps even recording a record number of up and down pars. Forward momentum hits a wall after March 28th and don’t be dismayed if you seem to actually lose ground. Events in your personal and professional life will require a bit more attention during this period but everything works out for the better. It’s easy to become disillusioned around the first half of May if things aren’t going exactly as you have planned them. Your game is changing but Aquarians know how to adapt to seemingly adverse conditions that can later be turned to your advantage.

Short term financial gain in June starts the summer off nicely but you are feeling a bit insecure for no reason you can put your finger on. Insecurity can undercut confidence if it is allowed to proceed unchecked. By the 25th, you welcome the strong Leo influence that bolsters your aptitude for golf and inspires you to try things you thought might never work. August finds you stumbling off in a new direction and the travel bug bites. It will be a month before you actually take a journey but it turns out to be most effective in recharging the golf batteries.

Momentum takes a definite swing in your direction around September 14th. Some say that you’re energetic while others would call you aggressive. This distinction should matter, although you can ignore it for most of October. You may be compelled during this time to purchase some new equipment, specifically those new irons you have had your eye on. November is your time for drastic change and this is a natural phenomenon in golf as you are well aware. No matter how hard you try, though, real improvement is hard to come by in a game that is difficult at best and impossible for most. Use the new technology to your advantage with a better swing than you had this time last year.