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Golf Instruction

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Golf Swing Tips and Instruction
Beginner golf tips and video lessons to help improve your swing and lower your score.

Peak Sports
Sports psychology articles by Peak Performance Sports. Mental training to enhance mental toughness from sport psychology expert and mental game coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn.

Instant Golf Lesson
Guaranteed golf swing instruction online, delivered to your computer in minutes!

Golf Strength Training DVD
Improve your golf swing with Trainer Joe Golf Strength Training exercise. View our free demo online.

Phil Ritson - Mel Sole Golf Schools
Phil Ritson - Mel Sole Golf Schools offer top-quality, PGA golf instruction at 6 locations: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Mexico.

Golf fitness guide
Add 30 yards to your drives without changing your swing with easy tips and techniques that will transform your game.

Cheap Golf Lessons
The "best of the best" golf lessons for both the amateur and professional golfer from the world's top golf instructors for only $9.95.

Graves Golf Academy
Natural Golf Official hall of fame member and Natural Golf advocate Todd Graves teaches the Natural Golf Moe Norman Swing at The Graves Golf Academy.

The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf
Unique mental training program that guarantees to quickly lower your score.

KiAi Golf Instructional Videos
Guaranteed to lower your scores, increase your driving distance and improve your putting.

Learn About Golf
Excellent resource for beginner and intermediate golfers.

Golfing Mastery
Golf secrets revealed—learn the mental secrets to dramatically reduce your handicap by 35% in 8 weeks!

United States Golf Teachers Federation®
USGTF trains and certifies golf teaching professionals.

Aspiring Golfer
Advanced golf instruction, Q school and tournament preparation.

Golf Instruction
The online U. S. golf schools directory. Provides golf instructions, lessons and tips.

Golf Instruction, Lessons and Books by Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson's golf instruction teaches you how to copy the perfect swing of the Iron Byron.

PuttingZone.comGeoff Mangum's PuttingZone™
The Future of Putting Now! Golf's most advanced & comprehensive putting instruction. - Golf pros on the web
Find a pro search feature, golf pro web pages, tips, articles, proshop and more.

All About Golf and Improving Your Game -
Golf instruction web site, featuring free golf instruction tips, articles and "Ask the Pro," plus info on lessons, Long Drive Schools and Custom Golf Schools, books, videotapes, merchandise, free handicap calculators and lots of other golf information and services.

Corporate Events, Business Meetings combined with Golf Instruction
Golf Instruction by Paul Wilson combined with your corporate events, outings or business meetings.

Golf instruction CDRoms and ebooks, focussing on developing your swing and the mental approach to the game.

Probable Golf Instruction
Lower scores with no physical practice by making better choices on the course. Applied physics and math using the latest scientific research.

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