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The ParGazer Cusp Caddy

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Born on the Cusp? Lucky you! Par believes that the prospect of good fortune (at least concerning golf) begins at birth with the seemingly random selection of a particular sun sign. From that point forward, while influenced by certain planetary movements, you forever remain a member of an elite group, one of those fortunate few who began life on the cusp. In addition to sometimes possessing the qualities of two signs, "cuspers" also usually enjoy more than their share of natural luck.

The number of flags in your Snapshot Cusp Rating corresponds to a ratings system that determines how fortunate (lucky) you may be this year in golf. Hole-In-One? Maybe. Double Eagle? Possibly. In on the Fly, 2nd shot on a Par 4? Entirely Possible!

Everyone who plays the game knows that for this type of shot to occur there has to be not only skill involved but also some luck. Consider the distance of an average Par 3 for example: somewhere around 150 yards in length. It could be uphill, downhill or relatively level. The perfectly struck shot that is on-line starts the process. The ball looks in all the way but what happens if a gust of wind comes up, or the ball bounces once and hits the pin a glancing blow? A potential hole-in-one becomes just another kick-in birdie. It is our contention that cuspers are luckier than most and are susceptible to more good things happening than bad, and as we just demonstrated, golfers need all the luck they can get.

Each astrological sun sign covers a month-long period of time with two cusp dates for each sign—what we refer to as a Front Nine Cusp and a Back Nine Cusp. Depending on which nine your birthday falls under, we are suggesting that the majority of your good fortune may happen during the first half of a golf season (Front Nine: January 1 to June 30) or in the latter half (Back Nine: July 1 to December 31). For example: a Leo's Front Nine Cusp would be July 23, indicating the likelihood of better luck in the first half of the season. A birthday falling on the latter date within the same sign has the stars pointing to better luck during the last six months of the year. Simple, huh? We pretty much follow the calendar year as a season but that depends on the individual and where they live. The season ends when your clubs have been in the trunk of the car or in the garage for more than three weeks without seeing the light of day.

Rub o' the Green (Or, That's the Way the Ball Bounces!)

Where does this term come from? Someone, somewhere had to come up with a slogan or definition that described those mysterious forces at work that defy or sometimes define luck in golf. A ball hitting an out of bounds stake and ricocheting back in bounds is an example of how these forces can work in your favor. An almost invisible spike mark that deflects a putt away from the hole at the last second is an example of how those forces can work against you. For non-cuspers, these things are almost always beyond their control. While most players create their own luck with solidly struck shots, sometimes the difference between a good shot with bad results and a good shot with great results can be just a matter of inches. How many times have we heard, "If that sucker had carried another foot it would have been stiff"? Or, "If the ball hadn't hit the pin it would have been off the green". Those born on the cusp never question a lucky bounce—they know it is their due!

The Cusp Caddy Ratings

Based on one to five flags, with five flags bordering on spooky, this is how your luck will run for the next golf season following your birthday:

Unbelievable! You scoff at lottery odds! Play your lucky numbers regularly. Your season is blessed with lucky bounces or favorable breaks that on more than one occasion will help turn a potentially poor round of golf into an acceptable one. More importantly you are rescued from being on the short end of a particularly crucial wager. So many shots go your way that your friends have taken to describing favorable bounces for ANY player in your group, as in, "Holy Cow, I got the 'Smith' bounce!"

Dynamic! Causes head shaking, tongue clucking, eye rolling and just plain amazed looks by members of your regular foursome. The shot that should have gone in the water skims the surface and ends up dry causing your opponents to develop the "thousand yard stare" or battle fatigue—when you par the hole. Lucky enough to insure you the most favorable bounces almost every time. These breaks so demoralize your opponents that they feel DESTINED to lose and they usually do.

Positive! Luckier than most. Three out of five times the shot that appears to be headed out of bounds ends up in play. Three bounces on the cart path leaving an easy chip to the green also qualifies. Your friends will accuse you of being a "MEMBER" everywhere you play—as in "he got the membership bounce".

Fortunate! Lady Luck smiles occasionally. A spike mark or pitch mark that helps deflects a putt into the hole is likely to happen more than you know but the really lucky stuff happens to your playing partners more than you. You bring THEM luck!

Luckie with an ie instead of a Y. Seems like the really good things only happen to you on your HOME course and then only occasionally. This is not all bad considering you have a tendency to favor your home turf and play on one course most of the time. But, considering that you were born on the cusp, it seems as if you were overlooked for stardom.

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