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The Capricorn Golfer

Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19

Understanding why your fellow golfers don’t manage their game as well as you do is one step closer to self-awareness and better play – for you! While enjoying an unexpected windfall this season don’t forget to actually take that dream golf trip instead of just talking about it. Romance may find you in the form of a Scorpio single, and that’s ok for a casual romp on the turf but don’t settle for less than a Libra for a long term relationship.

Because the Capricorn golfer performs best in individual medal play they approach instruction much the same way, one on one. Group golf lessons are not for you, the tenacious goat. It’s past time to upgrade your golf clubs, and not with the least expensive golf club clone, have you ever stopped to think about the value of R&D? It’s like skimping on your mattress, eventually it will come back to haunt you. Take a good long look at your golf equipment and fill in where necessary, the time has come to upgrade.



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Capricorn 2004 Year in Review

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Capricorn's are very careful people, thinking things over until they are confident they are making the right decision. They make excellent students of the game of golf because a strong desire to become a better player motivates them. Saturn, in its first orbit of the sun after a new moon, indicates a period of versatility and experimentation. During this time you may feel an almost undeniable urge to try anything. You may want to test out the long putter or invest in that new oversize driver you have been thinking about. The stars indicate an improved efficiency with the short game, especially trouble shots around the greens but to fulfill this prediction you may need to add a third wedge. Lunar influence on Saturn, occurring in late summer, also indicates the strong possibility of a dramatic ace on a medium length par 3, of 150–165 yards. Stay sharp with the middle irons and continue to seek the pleasures of sunshine and fresh air while playing your favorite course. Don't let the prospects of new-found wealth disrupt your focus on improvement or your desire to "pick" your opponents pocket.

The Capricorn golfer is goal oriented and usually succeeds in whatever they set their sights on. Patience is the key. Keep your goals and your expectations reasonable and don't put pressure on yourself to go from a 22 to a 6 handicap overnight. Work on developing a fixed routine that serves to slow down your pace but at the same time sets you up to hit the good shots you visualize.

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