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The Aries Golfer

Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 19

Re-charge your vitality with a friendly wager over 18 holes of golf with someone who has a game with which you are not familiar. Think “outside the tee box” in your approach to golf course management. Play each hole backward in your mind and visualize how you would tell another golfer how to play it. Imagine how LPGA stars like; Helen Alfredsson, Donna Andrews or Meg Mallon, famous Aries golfers that share your sign, would approach each hole. Rory Sabbatini is another feisty Aries golfer as is major winner, and PGA Tour player Davis Love III.

Insights to your swing will be gained by self-analysis which you can then refine with golf clubs that fit your particular build and swing. Consult your pro for a proper fit and if you find it difficult to translate your insight into the desired results. When in doubt hit the extra club.

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Aries 2004 Year in Review

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Aries golfers are famous for providing excitement at any moment. They can plod along making par after par and then, wham!, a great shot or a string of birdies wakes them up. Therefore it should come as no surprise to anyone should you record your first ace this season. The signs are right for that once-in-a-lifetime shot, so aim for the pin on those par 3's, especially ones that feature a water hazard on the left side of the green. Mars, the planet that rules your sign, may experience an orbital wobble that could affect you late in the year. In the fall it may be advisable to use balls that are even numbered as an erratic orbit in an odd numbered year will affect spin on odd numbered balls. Your Ram physique is ruled by quick and precise movements so work on developing good tempo. If you find yourself playing less due to business or personal commitments try to squeeze in some practice time and pay particular attention to your short game. With the Sun's strong influence you never know when you are going to be called on to play your best and now would be a good time to buy that new driver you have been contemplating.

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