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The Aquarius Golfer

Aquarius: Jan 20 - Feb 18

Throw domestic issues aside, they can wait when the golf course beckons you. Take advantage of every opportunity to play, especially if you travel. You will never get any better if you don’t. The stars will line up favorably for you as the season progresses and those friendly adversaries that have kicked your butt too many times in the past will fall one by won. Throw caution to the wind and take some risks with difficult shots.

Dramatic improvement with your short game will be the deciding factor at getting those scores lower. Get really good with any wedge you choose, it could be a 56 degree or a 60 degree; first commit yourself to the shot, then don’t worry about long, long won’t hurt you as much as short will. Rarely will you see other golfers who share your sign, famous golfers, LPGA or PGA Tour players like Marlene Hagge, Retief Goosen, or Cameron Beckman, come up short. Nor would PGA Tour legends, also fellow Aquarians, Jack Nicklaus or Greg Norman. Anyone questioning a golf heritage like yours is just jealous!

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No other sign of the Zodiac can claim the positive relationship to golf as shown by Aquarians. It is no accident that many of the world's greatest champions are Aquarians, and you too have the intelligence, creativity and skill to succeed in this most demanding game. Born in the first phase of the new year you are especially open to new ideas, change and experimentation, a trait that has a great impact on your game. Aquarians that are just taking up the game enjoy rapid improvement and often reach a level of play that takes others much longer to achieve.

Signs point to an increased level of proficiency with those pesky long-irons. The number 3 has special significance to an Aquarian so pay particular attention to the 3-iron, especially when between clubs. Water hazards to an Aquarian are less of a hinderance so never lay up on a par 5 with a water feature guarding the green. Travel to a distant land with clubs in hand is on the horizon and as Mars aligns with your sign in the spring a positive resolution of a financial matter points to having a career round with a friend who is a Virgo. For Aquarians, friendships are very important. You are a humanitarian who cares about others and the members of your regular foursome value your participation.

Look who's also an Aquarius!Jack Nicklaus The Aquarius Golf Legend.