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Golf Gifts for Your Favorite Golfers! features a special selection of golf gift items to help you find just the right present for the golfers in your life. We have the unique and affordable golf gifts you're looking for, plus prompt and personalized service. Need help? Drop us an e-mail at and we'll get right back to you.

Funny & Unique Golf Gifts

Original golf gifts, prizes & apparel from a couple of Minnesota golfers who suck, but can't get enough of the damn game.

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Who is PAR?
Par is a golf nut who is gifted with "Golf Sight". As the result of a freak golfing accident, PAR can analyze golfers' personalities relating to their astrological signs, and even claims to predict their futures with his Fore!Casts.

Dear PAR: Free advice from a golfer who has been there—Dear Abby never heard these!
PAR's Golf Horoscopes, Cusp Caddy

Golf in 2055
We laugh now at the poor fellows that had to contend with hickory shafts and gutta percha balls. What will the golfer in 2055 be laughing at? In our newest golf humor feature, Par speculates on where our great game might be headed.

10 Commandments of Golf Etiquette
The Golfer's Prayer:
What you should be thinking as you go two down with one to play!
The 18 Commandments of Golf: If Moses had been a golfer...


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